the power of the future!A boat’s lighting system can often consume far more power than is generally realised. In a search for economy halogen lighting was introduced to replace tungsten, but now LEDs seem the way forward. They not only consume a fraction of the power of halogen lights, but can last up to 160,000 hours. Calibra is now offering compact units, con- taining 3 LEDs, which they say is the equiva- lent of a 30 watt light, but consumes less than half an amp. They are also available in red, which is ideal for night-time illumina- tion. Because they run virtually cold, they can be installed in even the tightest areas. Calibra also has under development LED navigation lights, as well as LEDs to be used as an alternative to halogen bulbs. Calibra Marine International can be contacted on 0870 2400 358