Croatia’s new regulations designed to stamp out “black chartering” are being widely interpreted by different harbour masters. In addition to draconianmeasures against charter companies, private owners are now limited in the number of visitors they are allowed. Earlier regulations required skippers to submit a crew list annually in advance. This clearly unworkable system has now been altered to allow a total number of visitors over the year of 2.3 times the number the boat can carry, but nowhere is it explicitly explained what this number represents. A superyacht declaring 6 double cabins could be allowed 14 visitors, while the Editor recently came across the owner of a RIB whose papers allowed him 28, even though his boat had no accommodation whatsoever and was never slept in. Boats caught with what a police control might consider incomplete paperwork can be subject to serious penalties.

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A limited edition of Steiner’s well-proven Commander binoculars is being offered to celebrate the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary. Such is the German company’s faith in their product’s rugged construction, that they back it up with a 30 year warranty. Using two-way valve technology to prevent internal condensation, the binoculars are waterproof to a depth of 5 metres – and even float if dropped accidentally overboard. Suggested retail price, a smidge under £400.00.

Following protests from visiting boaters, Croatia has backed down from requiring skippers of private boats to list in advance all visitors anticipated over the following year.

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